what triggers social media use

Social Media Use Can Begin and End with Pain


Why are you using social media?

Do you know why?

Do you sometimes use social media without really knowing what you’re doing?

Like you’re just looking around, scrolling around, judging around?

Sometimes we start using social media because we feel uncomfortable.

We feel uncomfortable and want to get rid of this feeling as quickly as possible.

What is out there ready to tell us that they have the solution ready?

Social media.

Social media is the perfect escape from our feelings.

You make yourself busy. You divert your focus and attention on something else.

After a social media session though, you often don’t feel better.

The feeling that you felt may have even gotten worse.

If you use social media as an escape pod, you will return to the exact point from where you left.

Use social media intentionally.

Honor your feelings instead of running from them.

Start by watching the video.