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Do You Realise We Are Receptive to the Outside World 24/7?


Remember those days when we wrote BRB?

For the youngsters who may not know what this abbreviation means: BRB stands for Be Right Back.

Back in the day we used  the internet to communicate with others, but it was not on us 24/7.

When he had to go eat, internet had to watch us leave our rooms.

When we had to go to the toilet, the computer didn’t move an inch.

When he had to go outside, we had to say to the internet and the digital world: adios.

Now the internet is always with us.

The digital world can every single second call out your name.

We never say BRB anymore to our friends, we are always available.  Always.

If that doesn’t sound like a fact that serves our future selves, you are right.

You’re not just 24/7 available to your friends…but to the entire world.

Check out the video and start setting some boundaries.