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Turn it Around: Plan Your Moments of Distraction


We’re bound to face challenging tasks when we work on something to create a better life for ourselves.

In those moments, our mind likes to find substitute tasks that you can do, following up with creating the following thought:

“just do this small thing and ONLY then you’re REALLY going to give that important task your very best!”

Then….when you’re taking on that important task and you can’t find any momentum or creativity to go in deep, more of above mentioned thought wants to pop up.

This can get worse when we have to begin a project. It can be hard to enter the flow when working on an existing project….

Beginning a project however…..entering the flow connected to a new project for the first time…..that gives your mind plenty of opportunity to distract you as well.

Your mind won’t directly say that it’s much better to distract yourself, but converts this idea in thoughts that make you think:

“It can’t hurt, let me just do this thing and it’s done and dusted.  Then I can really focus all my energy on that project.”

You want to train your mind to not give in when it wants to escape from the important task at hand.

Why not anticipate that your mind will play such tricks on you?

Watch the video and start planning your distractions.