IM over social media addiction

Use Instant Messaging Apps Instead of Social Media

Social Media apps have many features. It’s one of the reasons why you can spend hours on just one app.

Break down the reasons why you use a social media app.

One of the reasons is probably to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues, family etc.

One way to reduce your social media use, is to do the majority of the communication on your IM apps.

Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp offer a better environment to speak individually (and in groups) with others.

There are less distractions thrown at you when using IM apps.

Personally, I find the communication experience better on an IM app than on social media.

If you use Facebook primarily to communicate with others on an individual level, start using the Facebook Messenger app only and remove the Facebook app.

Also, you want to start utilizing a feature I mention in the video.