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Don’t Absorb the News so Much on a Daily Basis


There is a lot happening in the world.

This year COVID-19 made its introduction, defining 2020 till the very end no doubt.

I was close to Amsterdam when the virus reached the Netherlands back in February.

Since I live in Dublin, the original plan was to stay in Holland for 2 weeks only.

Many months later, and here I am still close to Amsterdam.

Back in February and early March, I was constantly watching the news.

Every day there was news about a country locking down, people suffering from the virus, and staying home.

It was madness, and in many countries and regions, it still is.

For a while now I’ve stopped reading and watching the news multiple times on a daily basis.

My normal habit is to read the news once a day for a few minutes and that’s it.

Sometimes there are days I don’t read the news at all.

As Denzel Washington said: if you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed. 

Many different platforms present the news in a specific way.

It’s easy for us to create a set of opinions and beliefs about a certain topic.

This is a reason why you want to be careful about how much you expose yourself to the news.

Another very important reason is the fact that news can make you bitter without you realizing it.

The thing is….misery, negativity, killings, accidents don’t take breaks.

It is going on 24/7. Even if you want to keep up, you won’t succeed.

We witness the world from a macro-level which can make us think: “the world is such a crazy place full of bad people, why bother to put any blood, sweat, and tears for a good cause?”

“What’s the point to try and better this world?”

Don’t let the news control you and your state of mind.

Watch the video and focus on your life on a micro-level.

That’s what you can control, and there is where you can find a lot to be grateful about.