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Card Games Make You Forget About Your Smartphone


Of my 6 step formula to create a healthy relationship with your phone, step 6 is “embrace life”.

With this I mean to take on activities that make you forget your phone.

A hobby that I love is playing card games.

I always respected and admired the hobby of collecting and playing tangible games, but only 2 years ago I started to really dive into this topic.

There are loads of benefits such as:

  • No screens
  • It’s fun
  • It connects people
  • It’s great for shy people to practice their social skills
  • It improves cognitive abilities
  • It makes you happy
  • You forget the concept of the smartphone

Especially now with the current situation the world is facing, card games are a great activity to be focusing on.

Whether you play with friends or family, there is a card game out there for you.

There are many interesting themes such as fantasy, medieval, space, superheroes, animals etc.

Here is a top 100 board/card game list that you might find inspirational.

Watch the video and find out which card games I love to play a lot.

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