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Still on Social Media? Improve Your News Feed


If you plan to keep using social media, at least make sure your news feed is not culpable for negative triggers.

Your own space is sacred. Your very room in your house is sacred. You don’t allow anyone to enter your house so easily.

You want to control who is allowed to request your attention and time.

The same applies to your news feed. Are you happy with what you see?

Do you feel compelled to react often? To comment often when you scroll?

The news feed is one of the notorious reasons why instead of 5 minutes we spend one hour on social media.

What kind of feelings do you experience?

Do you feel sad? Disappointed? Doubtful? Jealous? Angry? Happy?

Whatever emotions you experience, surely they are understandable.

The question is more: do you really want to be triggered by other people’s content this way?

I remember that when I scrolled through Facebook, I always felt sad after a session.

I felt sad because I was comparing my life to those highlight reels. It’s a human tendency.

What we shouldn’t forget, is that we can control what we see.

Maybe not 100%, because at the end of the day we can’t control other people’s posts.

But you can stop seeing someone’s content by muting or unfollowing that “friend”.

Even unfriending and blocking could be an option.

When you unfollow or mute, the other person will not know you won’t see his/her content anymore.

Watch the video, and next time you see a post that you don’t like and this person has a tendency to post such content often, immediately take action by muting or unfollowing the person.