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Don’t Allow Any Date to Tell You To Be on Standby


In a previous blog, I wrote about how you don’t want to be on standby for someone you’ve just met.

You want to operate from a place of confidence and self-esteem.

Your life should not be put on hold so you can reply straight away when an IM message arrives.

In this blog, I will write a bit more about this.

One reason why you don’t want to reveal yourself so quickly, is that you don’t want to show the person that you like him or her a lot just because you’ve met once or twice.

You want to show the person that he or she needs to continue showing his or her values, and what he or she is all about.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t show any indicators of interest. You definitely should!

Just don’t place a person so high on a pedestal just because you have a click.

And being on standby 24/7 pretty much does that….

So if you need any more reason to keep your cool, there it is!

Now, when the person is not happy with you not being on standby….well that says enough, doesn’t it?

You understand that person is not for you and you move on.

Unfortunately, this perfect scenario doesn’t always play out.

When we really like someone, we do our best to stay connected to that person.

When we have not set proper standards for ourselves and are not aware of our values, we tend to lower ourselves for the sake of not losing the person.

That’s why it is vital to have that self-confidence, meaning you demand only the best for yourself and refuse to sacrifice your dignity and self-respect.

You want to attract someone like how you are. Confident, self-aware, mature, independent etc.

If you have not set such demands, standards, virtues, and values for yourself, there is a high chance you will go overboard with your actions.

Please remember: someone who wants your constant attention is not your friend.

A true friend and a good partner is someone who supports you with your endeavors, projects, and dreams.

The happier you are and the better version you can present to your partner, the more your partner will benefit!

A good partner knows this. Don’t allow anyone to threaten you because you’re not constantly online.

Set the right expectations. The sooner you set them, the sooner you find out if someone deserves your attention.

It’s a good test actually.

Look it’s fine if you text fast sometimes, just make sure you don’t apologize when instead of 5 minutes it took 2 hours to reply. 

Someone who values life will understand and won’t condemn you for it.

Remember, frequency attracts frequency….don’t operate from a place of fear. It will put you in a weak spot that transmits the wrong frequency…