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Is Social Media Showing You What is Missing in Your Life?


When you open a social media app or login to your social media account, you’ll probably be confronted with the news feed.

The news feed is mentioned multiple times in my blogs, and for a good reason.

The news feed is a very smart feature that makes it hard to disconnect from the platform.

Even when we are not enjoying ourselves, it is hard to quit scrolling “just like that”.

The biggest reason why we don’t enjoy scrolling, is because we are confronted with our own lives.

We become suddenly very conscious about what we are missing out, what we don’t have, and who we are not.

Multiple times I have said and wrote to ignore the news feed, to enter your account with a specific intention.

When you do find yourself on your news feed a lot, and there is a negative emotion that you are constantly experiencing, you may want to ask yourself why.

What exactly is it that you are seeing that makes you feel that way?

Take a moment to be honest about that feeling and really look at it.

Is what you’re seeing online really something you lack?

Or do you feel sad because you think that person is happier than you?

Is it some perfect beautiful life that you think they have and are jealous about?

In other words, you may be happy with your life but are made aware of all the more you can achieve and become in your life.

So while you may be happy with your own life, you are confronted with how much better it can always become.

But this may not even be a goal of yours!  You may not even find that thing you see important or meaningful!

That’s why it is vital to compare your own life with your own wishes and desires.

You may see some level of success on your news feed that resonates with you.

For example when you see a friend starting her own business on your news feed which is a dream of yours, become inspired.

Convert any form of jealousy into inspiration. When you are inspired, you tell yourself you can set up a business as well.

Jealousy makes you not wish the other person well because you (subconsciously) believe you can’t achieve what that person achieved.

When you don’t know what you want, you may find out by analyzing what posts make you curious.

If you see photos of happy couples while you are single and they affect you, use that awareness to improve your own state of being and get social.

So instead of spending so much time on dwelling due to all the triggers the news feed is feeding you, disconnect more often so you can actually do something that helps you to get that experience or person or lifestyle you so much seem to desire.

The news feed is far from a perfect place to become inspired, but become more aware of why you are having specific feelings all the time when you see specific posts. At the same time, remember that the MAJORITY of posts are positive for a reason which creates a false sense of reality.

Never forget that we tend to celebrate our lives in public, but deal with our insecurities, challenges and mental issues in private.