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Why Self Development is Step 6 of my 6 Step Formula


Some people need a few tips to control their phone use, some people need to do a lot of introspection first in order to begin the process of limiting their screen time.

Whether you call yourself a smartphone / social media addict or a compulsive user, step 6 of my formula is imperative which is self development.

Many are already well aware that we should continue to better ourselves till death is calling for us.

Not only that, many have actually built their entire lifestyle and habits around continuous progress, learning and development.

The more successful you become, the more you realize there is so much to learn, how ironic that may sound.

While “successful” people may be smart because they know how to make money, it requires a high level of humility to pursue actual greatness.

It’s like travelling. The more you travel, the more you realise how little you actually know about the world.

Your awareness expands.

So to come back to phone addiction. It’s not just about reading a book instead of scrolling. It’s not just about knowing where to find the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone.

If you really want make a change that is constant, that you don’t deviate from (most of the time) and that becomes part of your routine, then self development will facilitate this drastically.

You want to have your focus on your future, your desired skills, values, standards, curiosity and doing the thing that will expand you.

Developing yourself means learning a bit more every day. Becoming a bit more every day.  Maintaining good routines and habits every day that set you up for success.

The more you like yourself and the more you keep promises to yourself, the more self-respect you will gain.

Those changes will become part of your new identity, a new you.

That new you doesn’t only know that too much scrolling is a waste, but is actually strong as well to prevent yourself from doing it.

Because when you do go for your phone, that voice that isn’t happy will speak loudly in your mind.  It’s not part of the new you. You’re not used to such behavior anymore.

So analyse your life from a macro level and figure out what skills you want to acquire. Don’t ask what’s the meaning of life, but what the meaning is of your life.

The more meaning you can give to your life, the more powerful you become in following up on actions that will serve you and your future self.