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Planning an Event? For the Sake of Enjoying it or Posting About it?


Who isn’t excited to go on a trip? To go hiking? To go to the zoo?

The outdoors is important to embrace and is good for our mental health of course.

If we didn’t know that yet, then the pandemic made sure we know now.

When when take on an activity, there are multiple reasons for this.

  • Because we are curious and want to expand our minds
  • The activity looks like a lot of fun and we want to experience it for ourselves
  • We may go somewhere to accompany a friend as a favor

All solid reasons.

Today though, there is another reason that became more popular:

We go out and do something because we want to post about it on social media.

We are excited for the event, but more so because we can show our social media pals how much fun we had.

So it’s not even the activity that excites you, it’s the whole idea of presenting proof that you are someone interesting.

This means it’s not necessarily the goal to enrich yourself, but more to evoke certain emotions that your friends will (hopefully) feel.

When you’re in the experience, you focus more on documenting the experience rather than actually enjoying the experience. Being in the experience. Feeling the experience. Sharing the experience with anyone who is there with you.

For some the emphasis is more on what’s the best way to show everybody I’m having a good time?

You want to build and create an image I get it, but is it for validation purposes, or is it because you connect yourself to a cause. A mission that you stand for. A specific interest that represents your self-expression.

Trying to impress others or trying for other people to validate your “awesomeness” won’t serve you.

You know you have self esteem when you’re enjoying yourself to the fullest and no one needs to know about it.

It’s enough that you know about it. You can tell your friends about it of course, but you don’t worry about documenting all of it on the spot.

If you can enjoy yourself in the experience and feeling great about it just by yourself when it’s over, that’s powerful.

You enjoyed your me myself and I time, or that time with anyone who shared the experience with you.

Remember that the best moments of your life don’t even make it to social media.

In those moments of elation, bliss, awe, wonder and excitement, there is simply no room for any thoughts remotely related to social media.