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Don’t Constantly Reply Fast to Someone You’ve Just Met


When we meet someone who we like, we are inclined to be on constant standby.

I get it, I’ve been there.

You start pre-dating through text messages and WhatsApp has instantly become your favorite app.

You can put a movie on or read a book, but you just think about that next reply!

You know that reply is coming in soon!

The anticipation is clearly there and the feeling is exciting.

If you knew you were receiving a reply in 15 minutes, then that’s exciting.

But that’s not the case. We don’t know when we receive the next reply!

That’s how that feeling of excitement triples in power! It can be any moment that a notification pops up!

We are waiting for it.

All this is completely normal. We are excited to hear from that person we like, duh right.

Nevertheless….don’t make it a habit.

I used to be on standby for the girl who I was texting with.

Now in hindsight, I can say that was not a smart move.

I understood why I did it though. I didn’t want the girl to think I didn’t like her.

I was afraid she would display that same behavior.

That she stops caring because she thinks I don’t care.

I totally understand that Johan of the past.

Luckily for a few years now that Johan doesn’t exist anymore.

I text back of course when I meet someone, but I don’t stress about it anymore.

I can reply fast sometimes, but sometimes I don’t and it takes a few hours.

I learned to prioritize me. Not to operate from fear.

If I’m busy then I’m busy. Why worrying what the other person may think?

It’s not that I don’t reply for days.

Eventually, you have to ask yourself what kind of person you want to attract.

It certainly is not someone who demands my attention all the time.

No, I want to attract someone who has a life, who values her life, personal projects, and growth.

Actually, it is that behavior that really makes me attracted to someone. To see someone operate from confidence.

To see someone who knows what she wants and who has her actions aligned with her values and virtues.

Now THAT’s attractive!

So I thought: If I’m not operating from such a place, how will I attract someone who does?

At the end of the day, frequency attracts frequency. It’s all about deciding on what wavelength you want to be.

That motivated me to operate from a place of confidence and self-esteem, which enabled me to attract others who behave in that same way.

So don’t think you have to constantly respond in order to stay desirable.

Show that person you care about your life and value your time and demand the same for any possible future partner.