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Keep Yourself Out of Arguments on Social Media


Those days where we interact with a handful of people in the offline world are long over.

Now we are bombarded with online content from hundreds of people every day.

On social media, we love to show others where we stand, what we believe in, and “how” we live our lives.

Exchanging ideas with a few people is one thing, being exposed to loads of opinions from a large number of people online is another.

This becomes a problem when you:

  • Decide that others have the power to offend you easily
  • Think you have to teach others why a certain opinion is wrong
  • Have to be right in order for your own beliefs and level of significance to be validated and confirmed

Why? Because A LOT of time will be devoted to meaningless arguments that will drain you.

These are reasons why we can lose ourselves in endless arguments that don’t go anywhere.

Worse….many posts are created BECAUSE they want to agitate you, they want you to engage.

They want to cause a stir, and you’re buying it.

The truth is many people have different opinions about all sorts of topics.

Prepare yourself when you befriend and follow many since you’re bound to encounter a post or video that just doesn’t fully resonate with you.

And you know what? That’s okay! Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

It is noble if you want to assist someone to shift a specific perspective of a topic “for the better”, but ask yourself:

Is this worth your time and energy?

Or better… you really care?

Changing an opinion, belief, or perspective of someone is a tough task.

Because you know why….not everyone is ready or cares about what you have to say.

Focus on exchanging ideas with people who are open and receptive to other opinions.

Not that you are always right and they are wrong, but you want to spend time and energy in people who are on your frequency of open-mindedness. And still, it is fine to just agree to disagree.

So remember: don’t feel offended or responsible to show others you disagree.

AND remember that many people post something on purpose to get a reaction out of you…don’t let this happen.

If you’re at this point where you enter arguments fast, I can promise you that the more conscious you become of your mortality, the sooner you enter a stage where you simply don’t care what others say, even when someone says 2 + 2 = 9.