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Starting a Project is Hard! Prepare Your Environment and Phone


We have many ideas.

There is a lot that we want in life.

Sometimes we even dare to dream big.

When we feel empowered, we think: how can I achieve what I want?

What can I do to change my circumstances and mental conditioning?

If you’re in that spot then you’re on the right path.

Many don’t jump from thinking and dreaming, to actually planning and starting one simple task that kicks off that long process of persistence, perseverance, willingness, and determination.

Then we decide it is time to actually begin.

We have to:

  • Open that Word document to start writing
  • Turn on the camera to start presenting
  • Pick up that guitar to start playing
  • Login to WordPress and start building that website

This first step can be challenging.

We are not used to it. It’s not familiar behavior.

Your body and brain are not used to this action you want to take so it will try to bring you to familiar behavior.

This means you will “look” for distraction, for some errand that “suddenly” need to get done as well.

You want to anticipate that “protest”!

Set up your environment in such a way that no distraction can come your way.

Have your glass of water beside you.

Have your 2-hour music playlist ready so you don’t need to change songs all the time.

Have the proper lighting.

Know exactly what that first task is that you need to act on.

Have unnecessary tabs and programs closed on your laptop.

And of course….hide your phone BEHIND your laptop in DND mode.

Don’t let your brain see that phone next to you subconsciously!

It’s your brain’s perfect solution to bring you to familiar behavior which is to grab your phone!

You see, you want to become aware of such tricks your mind will play on you.

Therefore plan to start with one simple task for a specific period of time.

Even if nothing comes out, just sit there. Even when you dwell, have nothing close that can distract you.

Sit with it until you convinced yourself there is NO universe where you get up before taking some form of action.

The result doesn’t have to be perfect though and it won’t!

Just understand that repetition is VITAL in order to become good at something, let alone great.

Increase those moments of deep work and deep focus slowly till that becomes your new familiar behavior.