emotional social media addiction screen

Don’t Get Offended So Easily, Learn to Ask Questions


The internet allows anyone to share their opinion. Any voice can be heard in the digital world.

On social media alone you can check your news feed to encounter any beliefs, opinions and ideas from the people you follow.

It is fascinating to see how people can really lash out sometimes. People become easily offended and emotional.

They may say things they would never say in the offline world because it is easier not to hold back online.

You’re protected by a screen, a sense of security and anonymity.

When you experience stress, anger or frustration in your life, you can easily vent online as a “solution”.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to waste your time arguing with other people.

Don’t engage in arguments and don’t try to change someone else’s opinion about something.

You don’t want to think you’re always right.

Prevent yourself from judging someone else so quickly.

We all have our own unique experiences, backgrounds, personalities, and preferences.

To try to make the world think the way you do is a pointless endeavor.

Why would you feel angry because of a comment someone posted about something?

Why would you care?

Somehow people quickly decide to feel offended because of what someone else has said or posted.

Firstly, you may want to understand the person better before you lash out.

If you think the comment is shocking, strange, against your own beliefs, BUT you really want to know more about it, start by asking questions.

What makes the person believe that? Show some empathy. Not everyone is leading the exact same life as you are. Show some patience and be open to understanding different viewpoints.

Secondly, when it really doesn’t make sense what the person said, why changing your mood because of it?

Don’t let it attack you. Don’t let it affect your day. You will always hear or see something you disagree with. That is life. Everyone has their own inner stance.

If you allow such external factors to bother you and push you away from your focus while letting rage kicking in your body….well….you are basically outsourcing your day to day happiness.

That’s why you want to keep yourself out of arguments.

A: you don’t know everything and B: even when you think the person is wrong: who cares?

It is up to you to decide whether you take it personally when someone posts 2+2 = 43, or that you simply move on with your life (and stop the scrolling through the news feed of course!)