dark mode messaging apps

Enable Dark Mode in Your Messaging Apps


2 blogs ago I mentioned the idea to enable Dark Mode in your social media apps.

When you enable Dark Mode, the white background changes to a black background and the font color changes from black to white.

More apps are introducing the Dark Mode feature which is a positive development.

Dark Mode is a feature that you can use as an “alarm”.

When Dark Mode is enabled, you will realize that you should slowly reduce your phone use because it’s getting late or the lighting conditions are not supporting long hours of scrolling.

In the evening time, Dark Mode can remind you to switch from your smartphone to a laptop and finish any necessary tasks from there by using a browser.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp also offer the Dark Mode feature now.

You want to check in each app whether that feature is supported.

As mentioned in a previous blog, it may be possible to connect the app’s dark mode feature to the dark mode feature of your smartphone.

This means that Dark Mode is automatically enabled in e.g. WhatsApp when Dark Mode in your device is active.

Some apps may not show the Dark Mode option, but it might show the effects of Dark Mode when the feature is enabled in your device settings.