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Tech Titans & CEO’s Also Restrict Screen Time


You have probably heard of the phrase “don’t get high on your own supply”.

In Brian De Palma’s Scarface from 1983, Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) does eventually fail to live by that vital rule which is the beginning of his drastic downfall.

Smart dealers know how to make other people hooked on their products without getting hooked themselves.

The more you are in control and aware of the dangers, the easier it becomes to stay focused on expanding your domination.

While this is of course far from ethical, it’s unfortunately not uncommon.

The designers and creators of products like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and services like Facebook and Instagram, know very well about the risks involved.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have introduced specific screen time rules for their children when they were younger.

Other tech titans like Mark Cuban and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are also aware of the dangers of excessive screen time and have introduced boundaries to support healthy screen use.

While Silicon Valley is making sure their own families and friends aren’t getting addicted to tech, the consumers who have no idea what they are up against are slowly being programmed unwittingly to become a slave to their device.

Be smarter than that.

Don’t ignore how the designers, psychologists, and creators are using their own products and services.

Let that wake you up.

Way too many people are using their devices without ever thinking they should build and preserve boundaries for healthy screen use.

The creators are getting richer and richer for a reason.

Don’t allow their products and services to make you a smartphone zombie (smombie).

Wake up and take ownership of your smartphone and social media use.

You don’t need to become a Luddite but do become mindful of how, when, and why you use those products and services.

In other words, don’t get high on their supply.


Sidenote, In the video I mention that Alexis Ohanian and his wife Serena Williams have a son but they actually have a daughter!