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Enable the Greyscale Feature on Your iPhone


We quickly gravitate to a bright red color, that’s why many apps have bright and warmer icons.

It’s the reason why the notification bubbles are red.  They jump out so we need to know what that notification is all about!

A major contribution to why our smartphones can be addictive is because of those beautiful bright colors.

Carefully crafted Instagram photos with their filters and effects look fantastic for example because of those colors.

Look at the infamous slot machines and casinos, no wonder why their colors are super bright and bold.

Do you remember the Nintendo Game Boy which made its introduction in 1989?

For the millennials and older generations: how long were you able to play Super Mario Bros, Tetris or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Not 5 hours straight probably. At least I couldn’t.

The (original) Game Boy had no colors! The screen was hard to watch sometimes and with no colours the experience got boring after 30 minutes to an hour.

To create a similar effect on your iPhone, enable the greyscale feature.

This feature will replace all those attractive colors with “boring” grey white and black colors.

Enabling greyscale will make your screen a lot less appealing.

In iOS 13 you find greyscale in:

Settings –> Accessibility –> Display & Text Size –> Color Filters

In iOS 10 – iOS 12 you find greyscale in:

Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Display Accommodations –> Color Filters

You can schedule greyscale in the evening for 2 hours for example.

Make the scrolling experience boring.

Make it less appealing to be on your device for so many hours

You won’t be looking at photos and videos for long with greyscale enabled…