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Transform Your Loneliness into Aloneness


We are wired for connection. To belong. To matter.

It’s very important to have social interactions.

When we don’t, it can have detrimental effects on our mental health and wellbeing.

Many of us can attest to this due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are home and can’t meet our friends and family who are part of a different household.

Or at least we have to keep such meetups to a minimum.

For the people who live by themselves, this can be challenging as well because they are alone.

When you’re alone and isolated constantly, your mind can play tricks on you.

Of course, as everyone knows, these are unprecedented times.

It’s tough for all of us.

If you sometimes suffered from feelings of loneliness, this probably has doubled, to say the least.

When you experience feelings of loneliness you miss having someone around. You feel sad and unhappy.

You’re not happy with your current situation and can’t enjoy and appreciate the moment for what it is.

If we reframe the COVID-19 pandemic and look for opportunities, then one that comes to mind is to practice your aloneness.

Enjoying your aloneness means you’re enjoying your alone time.

You enjoy being with yourself, you make the best of enjoying the moment with yourself.

You use such moments to entertain yourself, to educate yourself, to work on yourself…whatever you do, you don’t miss anyone else at that moment.

You appreciate your own company.

This means you don’t go for your phone because you feel lonely.

You won’t go for your phone and be active in such a way that multiple notifications can be expected.

Enjoying your aloneness can be hard.

A healthy dose of self-esteem and self-love is required.

Because when you’re by yourself, you will hear your inner voice speak.

You’re left with your own thoughts which aren’t always pleasant.

This is can be a major reason why we use our phones so much, we want to escape fear and pain.

Smartphones are the go-to vehicle to distract yourself from any problems you might have.

That’s why step 6 of my 6 step formula is Embrace Thyself.

It is vital to improving the story you tell yourself about yourself, especially when you’re by yourself.

If you don’t know how to be alone, then you will only know how to be lonely.

It’s those quiet moments with yourself that allows you to prioritize you, while you can peacefully reflect on your life, where you are, and where you want to go.

Of course, you should have fun as well! Be able to smile and laugh out loud when you’re by yourself and feel grateful and ambitious about the relationship you have with yourself.

So next time you feel lonely, do something that makes you pat yourself on the back like watching an educational video from the Lewis Howes YouTube channel, writing a blog, or painting for example.

Then entertain yourself and be content with your own energy.