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Focus On Being One Version of Yourself in the Offline and Online World


The internet is a busy place. Social media is a busy place.

There is always something happening in the virtual world.

Whenever you feel compelled to enter the virtual world, this busy place is ready to embrace you.

All of our peers are found on the internet, it just takes a few clicks to connect with them.

You’re quickly in the loop.

No wonder we are slowly adapting ourselves to make our stay in the virtual world more comfortable.

With this level of “anonymity” and “protection” cyberspace offers, it is easy to write or post anything we want.

Who will know what is true and what is false right!?

Social media has such a blast in calling out your name on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

Many take it very seriously, they feel they’re in competition with everyone else.

People sacrifice their time just so they can keep up with their “Look I’m interesting too” stories.

They create a different persona, an online persona.

When you create one with such facileness, what prevents you from creating another one?

Heck, you can create as many persona’s as you like!

With so many places to visit online, you can create a suitable persona for each “location”.

The problem that can occur is that we take all those versions way too seriously.

It’s exhausting taking care of just oneself aka the real version of you, let alone taking care of multiple versions of yourself.

It’s tiring I can tell you!

Creating these different versions has a particular objective, and sometimes we are not honest with ourselves about what those objectives are.

We want to fit in, we want to be liked.

While this is understandable, many are forcing themselves too much to fit into a particular puzzle.

They are trying to be a circle in a square.

No wonder so many people are depressed, they are completely disconnected from themselves.

This only gets worse when you neglect the offline version of you aka the real you.

The more secure you are about who you are and what you are all about, the more comfortable you become about being that version of yourself, that only version of yourself.

The clearer you become about who you are, what that “version” of you entails, the more opportunities you allow yourself to manifest that will shape and strengthen that version.

You want to be comfortable with yourself wherever you are, in both the online and offline world.

Don’t impress others but impress yourself.

Don’t try to fit in somewhere that requires you to let go of what makes you “you”.

Embrace your own journey and expand on that.

Be happy with yourself instead of sacrificing yourself so others can be “happy” about you.

There is no longevity in that

Worse, deep levels of unhappiness are found exactly there.

One version of you that’s really enough, and a lot less tiring too.