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Look for the Benefits While Experiencing the Big Pause


The pandemic is well underway and the situation is getting more hopeful with each week passing.

Not everywhere, but in most countries.

Hopefully, we can welcome 2022 with not only open arms but with the opportunity to feel the arms of society as well.

This Big Pause as this pandemic is called, has changed the world forever.

What is interesting is that lately, I  hear many stories of people who want to continue to “run less” in their lives in the post-pandemic era.

Of course, we will be more out and about when the pandemic is over, but we don’t like this notion of being all over the place again.

There are many lessons that we have learned or are still learning.

We have learned how we behave in such circumstances, what we value, our coping mechanisms, who our friends are, what we want, who we want to be, what we regret, and more.

This was a major advantage of the pandemic.

Corona forced us to stop running. To stop being all over the place. To stop living on autopilot, to live unconsciously.

Many of our patterns were severely interrupted.

Many automatic programs were forced to halt.

We had to “wake up” and get creative about how to deal with this new challenge.

The question begs, what have you learned about yourself and your life?

Are you proud of the way you handled this pandemic and how you spent time with your nearest and dearest?

Have you kept your eye on the silver lining of the pandemic or were you constantly complaining about the situation?

Have you created the opportunity to bond with others and yourself, or have you made many attempts to escape this current reality?

There are some who started to work on that website or music they have been thinking about for some time, others have watched every single series on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It’s hard to be with just ourselves, so experiencing this Big Pause has certainly made it uncomfortable for many of us, to say the least.

When we flip the situation and try to find the silver lining, you can argue that there is no better time for introspection than now.

The truth is you know who you are when no one is watching.

Can you be honest and admit you might not be using your time so wisely?

Or flip it, do you tell yourself you’re doing a good job by doing the best you can in this pandemic?

Don’t worry too much about how much you are using your phone.

Concern yourself more with how and why you are using your smartphone.

As long as you are mindful of your phone use and happy with the activities you are taking on, you can pat yourself on the back.

Small steps.

You don’t need to have your life changed drastically after the pandemic.

Do make sure that once the pandemic is over, you already know how you want to live your life (including how you use your phone!), what is on your bucket list, and who you want to become.