smartphone lounge addiction

Have a Designated Mini Lounge in the Area You’re In


Multiple times I have referred to the phone lounge: a place where you leave your phone when an area in your home becomes a no phone zone.

An example of a phone lounge is a drawer in the hallway, a closed box, and a different room.

What you also want to set up aside from this phone lounge, is a place where you will leave your phone when you’re in that same area.

The key here is to learn not to have your phone on you all the time.

Learn to leave your device somewhere outside your pocket in a designated place.

So let’s take the living room as an example. 

When you enter the living room, know exactly where you’re going to leave your phone.

Place it on a cabinet or drawer and let that be your phone’s mini lounge.

Every time you enter the living room, you leave your device in its mini lounge.

It’s okay that the device is near you, as long as it is not on you.

Create a mini lounge in every main area in your house like in the kitchen.

You want to train yourself to be able to leave the room while leaving your phone in the mini lounge.

If you go to the toilet, don’t take your phone from the mini lounge so you can bring it with you.

Leave your device be, let it rest, and possibly charge itself.

You will be fine without your phone on you for a few minutes.

When you need something from the kitchen or a different room, just go without your device.

You can enable the ringer so your device becomes a landline.

If you have a huge room, you can create more than 1 mini lounge in that area.

One tip to remember:  make sure your device is not constantly in sight. 

So playing board games, watching a movie, or working on your laptop with your phone in your sight is not a good idea.