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Mess Up Your News feed and End the Endless Scrolling


The news feed is often the first thing we see when we go on social media.

We are immediately confronted with photos of our friends, “friends” and people we follow.

Such posts can make us react in various ways.

We can become sad and frustrated because of other people’s highlight reels.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we stop scrolling, this type of content may compel us to keep scrolling.

Or we actually enjoy what we see which makes it even more attractive to keep scrolling.

If you’re really fed up with scrolling through your news feed, why don’t you “destroy” it?

Go and dilute your news feed.

What topics are very boring to you? What topics do you care less about?

You don’t care about the operating system Linux?

You don’t care about heavy metal music?

You don’t care about chemistry?

Then it is time to follow accounts that discuss just those topics.

Make your newsfeed completely boring.

Nuke your news feed with content that you care nothing about.

Be careful that you don’t follow accounts you don’t care about that may trigger your curiosity.

Examples of topics are conspiracy theories and gossip related content.

Hopefully that will make you get away from that “once very addictive” news feed fast.