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How An Innocent Obedient Cell Phone Has Transformed into a High-Level Attraction Dominant Master

Our phones are fantastic when used as a tool, aren’t they? We consider our phone as a dear friend when we are the dominant one in the relationship with our device. When they are loyal and supportive of our endeavors, then a phone is a fantastic fan you want to have.

Back in the 90s, we were clearly the dominant ones. Cell phones were new and they created the opportunity for us to call people and send text messages that cost a few cents each.

Our cell phones had not much on us. They were obedient and interrupted our lives only when really necessary. Nobody was sending text messages for fun all the time, as you had to pay for them. So cell phones were never really a distraction. We used the internet solely on our desktops and laptops when our mouses used to have a rollerball inside.

Time passed, technology evolved and that resulted in feature phones. Now with feature phones, mobile devices started to become more sophisticated due to their ability to access the internet. All our phones had a colour screen now and more options were available.

Feature phones became more independent. More could be done, so it started to develop some level of attraction skills to make you pick up the phone more often than you would with a cell phone. This development coincided with the birth of several social networking websites like Facebook.

The problem with a friend or a loved one who is insecure is that they need attention. They want you to place your focus on them constantly and will develop specific skills to lure you in and hold you in an insidious grip.

Welcome to 2007. The birth of the smartphone. Pandora’s box got opened. The smartphone is a fantastic invention, but the consequences of this device are so powerful that you wonder if we as a society are really ready for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

More features, faster internet, apps, more social networking websites, more research about how to keep people hooked to their phones = highly demanding phones that look like an insecure and impatient partner. They demand our continuous attention and interrupt us all the time with whatever it is that we do.

The developments occurred so fast, that it is hard to imagine that phone addiction and social media addiction didn’t exist 10 years ago. At least not in such magnitude that we are witnessing all around us now.

It is time we treat our phones accordingly in order to establish a healthy relationship with them. If you have a jealous impatient partner, wouldn’t you do something about it? Of course you would. So know that it’s imperative to treat and “train” your phone accordingly.

Most people allow their phones to control where their awareness goes into their minds. It’s a habit that cleverly entered your system without you really noticing. Be conscious about where your awareness goes and don’t allow your phone to eat your awareness all the time.

Remember this :

As soon as we control where awareness goes, we control where energy flows. As soon as we control where energy is flowing, we control what is manifesting in life.

Don’t listen to your “insecure” phone.

Set clear rules for your device so you can bring your awareness to matters that are truly important like you (hopefully) did when you were using a cell phone.