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Transform Your Smartphone From an Enemy to Your Ally

Why do you use social media or your phone? The phone facilitates the usage of social networks. But why do you really use social networking apps all the time?

Are you so interested in the lives of other people? Do you care that much about what other people think of you? Do you really need to be updated about everything?

You know deep down that you are wasting your time when your checking social media accounts constantly. We say that we are “wasting time”, but it is time that is wasting us.

We know better but don’t do better. We use our time for insignificant activities in such a way, that it seems we are immortal creatures. Like we will live 1000 years. The truth is, we are not immortal. And life, unfortunately, is like a Ferrari driving fast to its inevitable end destination.

So now that you are conscious about your mortality: why don’t you start creating an idea of how you want your life to be like, as opposed to what it actually is? Social media and smartphones are great technologies, especially when you use them for a specific purpose.

Be mindful of your usage. Shift from absorbing any mindless updates from people to educating yourself. Follow successful people in an industry you care about. Become inspired. When you watch YouTube videos, don’t watch cat videos or videos of people riding bicycles on rooftops.

Watch something that enriches you. Use social media for a purpose. Start a fan page on Facebook or YouTube channel and post about a topic you are interested in or passionate about. Show your creativity.

Instead of following and liking other people’s Instagram accounts, do something worth liking as well. Become an inspiration to others. Make people follow you not because they are your friend, but because you share a similar interest they can resonate with.

Use social media to express yourself in a productive way. Progress in your life with the help of social media. Use your favorite social networks to enhance your voice, brand, and creativity.

Essentially, don’t be just a passive spectator. Be an active creator, and make people want to engage with you because you are interesting. Make other people talk about you the way you talk about specific influencers.

Make life about you again, and not about others. Only when you make life about you, will you be able to contribute to the lives of others.