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Improve Your opinion About Yourself


It’s interesting how we find it so important what people think of us.

No wonder social media is so popular.

We truly value other people’s opinions of us.

It goes so far that we carefully craft posts and photos with the objective of gaining as many likes, hearts, and comments as possible.

Unfortunately, that need for acceptance that we are feeling can often make us invisible in this world.

A sad development is that we often sacrifice our own authenticity for attachment.

We forget about what we truly want, who we truly are, and who we truly want to be.

Working on improving the way we see ourselves is completely neglected because of that desire to be liked by others.

We dislike ourselves and think when others like us, we will fill our self-esteem bucket.

“If others like me, then well yeah there is a solid reason why I can like myself!”

Somehow it immediately makes sense to like oneself when others like us.

“Of course you like me because I’m a likable person!”

But when others don’t like us or there is no evidence of others liking us, any levels of self-esteem we have can erode.

The key here is to put more work into improving the way you think of yourself and the way you talk to yourself.

Instead of prioritizing other people’s opinions of you, you should prioritize your own opinion of yourself.

Relying on other people’s opinions in order to feel good about yourself is a terrible idea.

You don’t know how long someone will like you or if they actually do like you!

Outsourcing your own happiness is a very bad idea period.

Like yourself first!

Dissect your authenticity and think carefully about what you like and how a “perfect” day looks like for you.

Don’t think about what others may think, everyone has an opinion.

That will never change.

Don’t become invisible in this world.

A very good reason to disconnect from social media for a bit is to experiment and take on activities just for yourself.

Develop yourself and keep promises you make to yourself, how small they may be.

When you focus on yourself and the story you tell yourself about yourself, you will come across as a more confident person.

Confident people are admired because they don’t wait for others to feel good about themselves.

They just feel. They wait for no one.

Become someone who knows their weaknesses and strengths.

Know thyself.

You won’t feel the need to use social media so you can like yourself if others like you first.

Social media will become way less appealing because you value your time, energy, and attention so much more.​​​​

Become someone who is not wasting time to impress people who don’t even care about you or know you.

Learn to like yourself.

Any other like on whatever social media platform you use is merely a bonus.