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Let Curiosity and Interests Beat Your Phone’s Jealous Behavior


Life includes so many exciting activities and interests ready for you to explore.

There’s so much to be excited about.

When you embrace life and you open yourself up to the unknown, you find evidence of the amazing opportunities life has in store for you.

One key element I believe is vital to have and act on, is curiosity. Look around you.

Read about different things. Look at what other people become excited about. Be curious.

Don’t judge so fast, try to figure out what makes something exciting. Try it yourself.

Aside from learning about a specific topic, try to experience it if possible.

Knowledge without experience is mere philosophy. it’s intellect.

Knowledge comes from other people’s experiences. Experiencing it yourself however…..is life-changing.

Find something, learn something and do something that looks exciting.

This results in thoughts of excitement which automatically make you think about your phone less.

Not only that…you are incentivized to leave your phone alone.

You are less receptive to your devices’ jealous behavior.

So don’t just push your phone away. Watch the video and begin to be pulled first by curiosity itself.