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Make Specific Areas a Temporary No Phone Zone


We use our smartphones everywhere.

There is no room in the house that has seen us without our phone.

It just doesn’t happen anymore.

Our phones love to take charge. Doesn’t matter where you are.

In the office, in the bar, in the toilet or in the waiting queue.

It is time to show your device who’s boss.

You want to let it and yourself know when it’s allowed for your phone to be by your side.

Think of activities that you do on a daily basis or want to do.

Evaluate which of those activities deserve the presence of your phone.

Sometimes you want to be accompanied by only your own voice.

Not the voices of many others, that constant input is just exhausting as you probably know already.

So make a rule for yourself when specific devices are not allowed in specific areas.

This could be at home, in the office, at the tennis court etc.

You can even make a no phone zone card that you place in the area when you don’t want to use your phone.

A benefit is that you will become more conscious of any activities you are focusing on or want to focus on.

Check the video and start owning your time and your attention.