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Deleting Apps Too Hard? Try Offloading Apps First


Common advice to beat phone addiction is to delete your junk apps.

Apps that have no value to offer other than entertainment or distraction.

Entertainment apps may have funny content to offer no doubt, but that content is not helping you move forward.

So when you say you want to get rid of such apps, I definitely can imagine!

While deleting apps may be too challenging for you, there is another thing you can do.

Of course you can move apps to a third or fourth screen for example, but there’s something else.

When you use an iPhone, you can offload apps.

Offloading apps means your app is gone, but it’s still visible on your screen.

The app just isn’t installed anymore. Your data hasn’t gone anywhere though.

It’s good for creating space on your phone, but…

It’s also a good test to see how long you can use your phone without tapping on the app that will reactivate installation…

Check out the video and start the challenge!