browser version app addiction

Using Your Mobile Browser Instead of the App Creates Friction


In an earlier blog, I wrote about using the browser version of an app on your laptop.

Delete the app, and use the laptop browser version whenever you’re home for example.

For some who don’t have immediate access to their laptop or are often out and about, this could be challenging.

What you can do is have the app still deleted, but use its browser version on your mobile device.

You may be more inclined to download the app because you’re still on your phone, but at least there is friction.

During the process of opening the browser app, entering the URL and logging in, you may change your mind.

There is time for second thoughts to enter your mind.

Thoughts that say: why are you checking social media again? It’s better to do something else.

So you make it harder for yourself to use your account, and you’re abstaining from using the actual app.

Check out the video and train yourself to use the browser version of the deleted app.

Then when you notice you are using your account/application less, it will be easier to stop using the platform (both app and browser version) altogether if you wish to do so.