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Why Social Media Knows You Better Than Your Spouse


What you see on social media is a world you think everyone is seeing.

A reality that can be witnessed by many other social media users.

But that’s not the case.

What you see is unique only to you.

Your world is a highly curated world that the platform’s algorithms have created just for you.

Your clicks, your likes, your website visits, your interactions, your group visits, fanpage visits, profile visits….

They are all used to create a detailed profile of you.

It’s shocking, but social media companies probably know you better than your spouse does.

Your deepest desires, your hidden pleasures, your secret interests, they have probably been explored on social media.

This is the reason why you are not Facebook’s customer, but its product.

The advertisers though are the customers.

They use all your data to create sophisticated ads that have the power to trigger you quickly.

This enhances that curated world that is being created just for you.

There’s just so much information available about you!

You think social media is free?

Well…it is not.

You pay with your data, attention and time.

Watch the video and think about that.