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Memes Are Hilarious, Just Don’t Live Them Out So Much


People sometimes ask me about memes.

What do I think of them? Do I look at them?

Yes, I do! Not often but sometimes I do encounter them.

Many years ago I was looking at memes constantly.

They are hilarious I admit.

Thankfully though, I don’t look at them so much anymore.

What I find interesting about many memes is that they represent our day to day feelings and thoughts very well.

They are often spot on!

For example, memes make jokes about the way we:

  • Spend our money fast
  • Fail to stay in shape
  • Don’t want to be bothered
  • Fail our plans and NYE resolutions

Honestly, I could relate to all of them. I was like that. Many of us are like that.

What I did notice more and more, is that it started to become confrontational because I wanted to become the opposite of what those memes were presenting.

I didn’t want to laugh about it anymore because I could relate.

I want to laugh about the depicted events and feel grateful that such scenarios don’t apply to me (most of the time).

Memes are often right! They represent society’s mindset perfectly!

That’s why I knew I really had to do something about it in order for me not to relate any longer.

Ironically, I had to stay further away from memes in order to build a life that contradicts the lifestyle projected by those memes.

Now I still encounter memes sometimes, but I don’t look them up anymore.

When I do see them, I tend to laugh because they are still hilarious!

I’m not saying memes are bad by the way.

I think it is good to place a mirror in front of society so we understand how we are thinking, feeling, and living our lives.

Humor at the end of the day can be inspirational as well.

Humor is a fantastic way to cope with all the day to day hardships we face in our lives.

So yes I don’t mind that more memes are produced, keep them coming!

Jut make sure you’re not sacrificing too much of your life to ensure you witness every single meme out there.