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You’re Not Antisocial When You Disconnect From Tech


Just thinking about disconnecting from social media for one week can result in feelings of anxiety.

Not just because you wouldn’t know how to stay in contact with people, but also because of any negative reactions you may receive from your “friends”.

Interestingly enough, when you do disconnect from social media, you will notice that people don’t really care that much.

They are pretty much indifferent to whatever it is that you’re doing and why.

People know how to occupy themselves online and probably won’t even notice your absence.

So if that is a reason not to disconnect from social media, then know that we are mostly too busy worrying about ourselves.

When you do discuss your idea of disconnecting from social media, some people may think it is an “antisocial” act.

They will invent dozens of reasons why not using social media will be a big problem.

I want to remind you that disconnecting from social media is not antisocial.

When you want to disconnect because you want to reconnect with yourself and with others more effectively (in the offline world), you’re definitely not antisocial.

Just because Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel and Jack Dorsey created a platform where people can gather, doesn’t mean that this is the best way to stay in touch.

We follow the herd easily. If everyone is on Facebook, well then I guess I’ll have to be on it as well!

Well, you don’t.

There are much better options out there in terms of staying in touch.

If you feel the urge to disconnect, even for a little while, or simply to use social media less, then definitely go for it.

Just because you befriend people, doesn’t mean they are your friends.

True friends don’t want to see an unhappy you.

True friends will be okay that you will communicate with them through other means.

True friends will understand why you want to distantiate yourself from all the social media noise.

True friends will know you’re not antisocial, but pro social.

You value your time, your true connections and your peace of mind.

True friends will not only respect that, but will admire you for your decision.