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Social Media is Not Free, You Pay With Your Data and Time


Many of us I imagine, can appreciate that social media is free of charge.

I mean, would you spend so much time on it if it wasn’t free?

Probably not. Many won’t.

Because it is free, it is more than easy to spend (all) your time on social media.

There really is no friction to stop you.

While you don’t pay money for social media, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost you.

You pay for your access to those platforms with your data and time.

Social media platforms want your data, and you’re eager to hand it over to them.

That’s why they know you better than your close friends know you.

Your online behavior is visible and available to no one except…..exactly, social media companies.

That’s how they create such unique experiences for you.

They know what you will want to do next. If you like THAT content, well then surely you will love THIS!

Their mission is to monetize your eyeballs.

The more you spend your time online while sharing your data, the more money they make.

That’s why you are not the customer, but the product.

That’s why it’s free of charge.

The advertisers are the customers.

Can you imagine how much your data is worth? Data that your own spouse doesn’t even know about you!? Well…it’s worth a lot.

No wonder advertising companies love to do business with social media.

Remember that social media will never explain to you how to use social media, only why you should use it.

Use this platform to connect! To belong! To meet!

But they will never tell you how to use social media.

Because if they do, they would have to tell you that spending 5 hours a day on it is way too much.

You don’t need so much time on social media. You really don’t.

So is social media an advertising system or a social platform? That’s the question.

One thing is for sure, you better cherish and own your time and attention because if not….social media is ready to claim and own both…