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Read Educational Books to Expand Your Mind


You’ve probably heard it many times: reading is good for you.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean we  automatically do it.

We know better but don’t really do better.

I like to compare this to eating salads and veggies.

We all know it’s healthy and that we should eat it. Do we though? Not everyone.

We associate books with the boredom we felt when we had to read (uninteresting) books at school.

However, it’s after our “official” studies that we really should keep on learning.

Not just through books of course, but it’s a way to learn about new insights.

From experience I can say reading is imperative.

It calms you. You train your attention span. You learn about new perspectives. You feel good about yourself.

Personally I read loads of educational books about sales, business, love, relationships, spirituality, marketing, finance, self-development, screen addiction, biographies, psychology and more.

We don’t have all the answers in life. We don’t know everything.

So to learn from other people’s experiences is a great way to gain knowledge and to inspire yourself.

Try not to use a Kindle though.

One of the biggest advantage of reading a book is that I don’t need to look at a screen!

That’s why I appreciate board games more than video games. You’re not using any screens.

If you don’t need to use a screen, then don’t.

Get yourself a book about any topic you find interesting and enjoy the experience of your mind expanding.

We are students forever. We can do our best to consume content, but we will never know everything.

Successful people are known for reading a lot.

Bill Gates reads around 1 book per week and Warren Buffet spends around 5 – 6 hours a day reading.

Check the video to see which books have helped me a lot with my growth and self-actualization.

Which book are you planning to read this month?