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Stop Charging Your Devices During the Day


Because of power cords and chargers, we don’t need to become anxious when the batteries of our devices run out. We can charge our devices constantly most of the time.

Fair enough, when you’re outdoors and your phone has 10% battery left, you might experience a dose of nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia).

Nowadays people tend to have their charger with them to prevent this terrible nomophobia feeling.

That feeling of being without your smartphone or being with your smartphone that can’t be turned on, is perceived scarier than anyone’s worst nightmare.

If your smartphone has around 20% battery left or less at 4PM, then today’s strategy might be for you.

This strategy involves leaving your charger at home….

This same strategy applies to your laptop. It’s easy to get distracted on your laptop and go through your browser tabs while your laptop is charging.

So what if it isn’t…?

Watch the video and let me know if this is a strategy you are willing to try.