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The News Feed Makes You Focus On What You Lack


Why do we often feel sad, frustrated, angry and disappointed when we scroll through the news feed?

It’s because we automatically compare our lives to our friend’s lives.

With the knowledge that we only witness the highlights of someone else’s life, it is clear why this formula causes anything but uplifting emotions.

We see emotions and experiences our online “friends” are having, while we simultaneously think we are not.

Or we think that they at least have better experiences and emotions than we do.

In other words, we are reminded of our lack. The things we don’t have in our lives.

Ironically enough, you might very well experience better emotions than that person, but you simply don’t post about it as much.

So we think we are lacking because someone shows off  “their more” a lot, while in reality, this “gap” between what we have and what we think we don’t have is merely an illusion.

Ask yourself…does it look good if someone posts constantly about their relationships and life?

The more someone posts, the more you should question the content the person is posting.

In my eyes it’s a bad sign because when you are truly happy in your life and in your relationship, you don’t have the time to be constantly posting. You would not think about it.

Also, often you don’t know the people very well you compare yourself to.

You see their “shiny polished lives” but not their reality of their lives.

People have hard lives, even people who look fortunate have hard lives.

The ideal that you’re observing that makes you jealous and resentful, is often an illusion that is created by your own mind.

Understand that you’re different from everyone else.

Don’t compare yourself to them because they are not like you. They don’t have your family, your personality, challenges, experiences and abilities.

The only person that has those is you. That is why you want to compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and not to who someone else is today.

Comparing yourself to your yesterday’s self is a game you can win. You can be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

Even when you see people who already have a relationship, business or that dream house, don’t compare your step 4 with someone else’s step 30. This is useless.

Keep focusing on your own game, and remember what you have achieved so far.

Visualize and go after that thing you want in life, but don’t focus constantly on the lack.

Focus on what you have and what you want to accomplish.

So stay away from the news feed, and get a little bit better tomorrow than you are today.