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Use an Eccentric Phone Case To Trigger You


We are constantly triggered to go for our phone.

Or we become internally triggered or externally triggered.

Internal triggers may be for example an emotion you experience or a thought that says: you should go for your phone because at this hour you normally chat on WhatsApp.

External triggers can be a vibration, a ping, your friend reaching for his device etc.

There are triggers everywhere! There is temptation everywhere that can result in wanting some stimulation, a dopamine hit.

It’s important to become mindful of those triggers but that’s for a different video and blog.

For now, I will suggest the following: create a counter trigger!

Multiple times I have spoken about setting up conscious triggers that remind you to question your action you’re about to do (grabbing your phone).

Today’s counter trigger is one of them!

Are you’re triggered to go for your phone? Subconsciously even? Then let a counter trigger change your mind.

Or not so much to change your mind every single time since you can still grab your device.

But at least you will consciously grab it while knowing what the reason behind the action is.

After all, it’s fine to go for your phone, as long as you are fully okay with that.

Watch the video and let me know if you’re up for the challenge!


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