facebook privacy cuts addiction

Use Privacy Shortcuts in the Facebook App


Facebook is known for its many (hidden) settings that are actually very important to be aware of!

Facebook’s mission is to connect you to the world.

In other words, many default settings of your profile cater to this very mission.

Is this a good thing? I don’t believe it is.

Facebook users should consciously decide when they make their content available to friends of friends, strangers, the entire world basically.

They should realize how a setting may influence their own behavior on the platform.

Many users don’t really know or understand what people see and what is private.

People create a Facebook account and simply copy other people’s actions on the platform.

You really do not want to see your profile filled with photos posted by others just because they tagged you.

Some details you may want to keep between you and friends or even to yourself.

Luckily there is a way to quickly go through all the privacy settings.

You find a handy tool called Privacy Shortcuts in the settings of your Facebook profile.

You tap the hamburger menu below and you go to Settings & Privacy.

Now tap Privacy Shortcuts.

Here you can check and modify the following settings:

  • Privacy
    • Location, who can see what you share, data settings
  • Account security
    • Change password, use two-factor authentication
  • Ad preferences
    • Which ad topics to see fewer, which ads to hide
  • Your Facebook information
    • Manage your information, see your activity log
  • Safety
    • Find resources for parents, help prevent bullying

If you haven’t checked your privacy settings yet in your account, make that your priority number 1 when opening the app.

Whether you’re in or out of your house, you make sure it’s safe and secure right. Especially when it’s bedtime.

Treat your personal online environment similarly.

Take your privacy seriously and take ownership of your own online space and presence.