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Use Screen Time’s Downtime Feature


A few years ago tracking and blocking apps started to be available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

These apps have helped smartphone users to become more mindful about how much they use their devices.

Not only that, but such apps also allow the user to block specific apps for a set period of time.

Apple and Google couldn’t be left behind of course.

In 2018 both tech giants introduced their own features that offer digital wellness and digital wellbeing.

Apple introduced Screen Time and Google introduced Digital Wellbeing.

One of Screen Time’s features is Downtime.

Downtime enables you to give your phone a break and vice versa.

When you enable Downtime, apps won’t be accessible anymore for a set period of time.

You can schedule Downtime or customize the time period for each day.

If there are apps that you still want to use when Downtime is enabled, you can allow these apps to be available during Downtime.

Check the video and use Downtime to give both yourself and your phone some rest.