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Check Your AirDrop Settings on Your iPhone!


When a new feature, device, or innovation is introduced and released, we quickly embrace any possible advantages they offer in our lives.

Of course, the reason why they are introduced is often to facilitate our lives.

Yes, technology is helping us a lot.

Our lives have become easier and convenient because of tech.

There is a lot more we can do on our couches now that we couldn’t do many years ago.

In some instances, there are clear disadvantages to such features and innovations as well.

One of them is the feature AirDrop.

AirDrop is a feature that lets you instantly send files, photos, and other content to other iPhone users who are physically close to you.

AirDrop basically enables the transfer of files using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

While this can be very advantageous, there are clearly risks involved.

It’s risky because you can receive files from someone you don’t know.

So when someone has any bad intentions….it is possible you receive inappropriate content.

That person can bully or harass you easily and very publicly by sharing embarrassing photos for example.

So decide for yourself  (and especially for your children) how you want to have AirDrop Enabled.

Set it to Contacts Only if you really want to keep using the feature.

If you have children, you probably want to turn it off.

Aside from disabling the option for your child, don’t forget to have the tech talk, give guidelines, and to talk about peer pressure and sexual harassment.

Watch the video on how to check and change your AirDrop settings.