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Stand Up When You Want to Use Your Smartphone


Let’s think out of the box for a second.

We want to make it more challenging to go for our phones.

So let’s make the whole act of using your smartphone uncomfortable.

It’s hard to stay away from your phone when you’re chilling and lying on the couch right.

Well then, what about if you are prohibited from using the device while lying on the couch?

That’s exactly what today’s strategy is all about.

Create friction and challenge yourself when you want to unlock your device.

So now when you want to unlock your device, you have to stand up.

That’s it. Stand up and do what you need to do.

Only when you lock your phone, you can sit down or lie down again.

Can you try that?

You can check the time if you want (no need to unlock your phone for that), but anything else can only be done when you stand up.

Maybe you want to allocate a special place where you can stand up (or your spouse, or your child).

So now when anyone wants to unlock their smartphone, they have to stand at that allocated space aka the phone zone.

It’s all about being creative!

Let me know if you’re up for the challenge and how it goes!