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So Much Opportunities! But Oh-So Much Distraction….


We are very fortunate to live in this day and age.

We are living in the renaissance of entrepreneurship.

There are so many opportunities available to us it’s insane.

With the advent of the internet, we can learn how to set up a business and actually set up a business.

The world really is ours, we have the ability to learn how to improve and empower ourselves.

While this is all fantastic, there is also a flipside.

The flipside is…..distraction.

There is so much distraction out there! There is so much we can do now!

We are constantly stimulated, we don’t need to be patient anymore to look for things.

The internet can provide us with all sorts of relief.

There is a lot we can do now while lying on our couches and beds.

This was definitely not the case a few decades ago.

A few decades ago the opportunities may not have been so apparent as they are now, but there was less distraction.

There was less opportunity to be complacent. To stay put. To stay indoors. To escape.

You had to go out there to get things done.

You had to go out there to meet someone.

You had to make your brain work to figure things out.

Nowadays…because of the Google effect (outsourcing our brain to Google), we let Google figure things out for us.

We allow tech to do a lot for us.

So here is where we are now:

Loads of opportunities, but more stimulation and distraction available to us.

In other words, opportunities are right there for the taking, but it’s just so hard to delay gratification.

The raw truth is:  if you can’t delay gratification, you do nothing but hurting yourself.

Let’s remind ourselves that if we are not able to delay gratification, we can never build a foundation for our future.

So when you are able to focus and avoid constant hyperarousal and overstimulation, you can use and focus on one of the many opportunities out there to improve your life.

To end with a famous quote: don’t sacrifice what you want most for want you now.

Learn to delay gratification and see your life unfold itself in ways you can’t even imagine.