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Use Your Phone’s Wallpaper as a Counter Trigger


Triggers triggers, there are triggers everywhere that make you go for your device.

It’s time to set a counter trigger: a trigger that reminds you to be mindful when you go for your phone!

A simple trigger you can implement is the use of an effective wallpaper.

Use quotes on your wallpaper like:

  • Stay Away
  • You have better things to do
  • Lock your phone!

Or what about a mantra? Do you have a mantra or motto you live by?

Use it as your device’s wallpaper!

What about a photo of a loved one? A person that represents your why, your reason for wanting to establish a healthy relationship with your device in the first place.

A photo of someone who motivates you to reduce your phone use can be incredibly powerful.

Think carefully about what type of wallpaper makes you think twice to unlock your phone, or that makes you think twice to continue with your phone use once the initial reason is completed (checking that one notification for example).

Counter triggers: they allow you to wake up when external and internal triggers make you grab your smartphone in a zombie-like mode.

Get that wallpaper so your phone will make you remember to stay conscious and aware.