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Why Mindfulness is a Necessity to Beat Smartphone Addiction


Many of us want to self-actualize. We want to make the best out of life.

Anyone who did some research in self-development, knows you are not your thoughts.

Our thoughts change into feelings which then create more thoughts, that result in stronger feelings again and the feedback loop continues.

We should witness our thoughts, witness the wave in the ocean, and let it pass.

Don’t become the wave, remain the ocean. That’s easier said than done I get it.

If you are used to letting your state of mind be determined by fleeting emotions (unconsciously and unwillingly), mindfulness is the key.

With mindfulness, you train to notice things.

You train to become more interested in being aware of your thoughts instead of in the thoughts themselves.

Check the video to see an example of how you can implement mindfulness in your smartphone use.