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Treat Screen Addiction Like Smoking Addiction


Everyone is using screens.

Practically everyone you know is using social media.

The way we use our screens has become a social norm.

“Everyone is doing it so it’s not weird that I’m using my phone so much either”

Nevertheless many want to change their relationship with their device and social media.

Deep down we know we are missing out. We experience FOMO.

No, not that type of FOMO where we worry about what our buddies have posted on Instagram today.

But FOMO in the sense of missing out on the fundamentals of life. Growth, relationships, fulfillment.

On our deathbed, we are not going to remember those fleeting moments on social media.

We know it. We don’t want to realize it, but a voice deep down knows exactly what the deal is.

Do something about it. Don’t look around and see what your environment does.

Decide for yourself what’s best for you.

It’s easy to find excuses to stay immersed in your screens for a bit longer.

Watch the video and learn why you should treat screen addiction like a smoking addiction.