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Don’t Outsource Your Brain, Your Phone is Not a Good Substitute


Our smartphones do a lot of work for us.  That’s great, it really is.

That’s why technology has loads of advantages and is still developing rapidly.

Our lives will only get easier because of it.

Look at how tech is facilitating our lives now, look at how fast we can access information for example.

We are one message away, one call away and one search away to find an answer or solution to any question or problem that we face.

While this is not inherently bad, we should see such improvement for what really is: an improvement.

This doesn’t mean we should simply outsource contemplation or brainstorming.

We are creative human beings.

We were used to remembering 10 phone numbers, now we are lucky if we can remember 2 excluding our own.

The same applies to calculating. We are quick to get our calculators instead of using our brains.

Keep training your brain. Your brain doesn’t know what’s good or bad.

Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do and what it truly believes is in your best interest.

It wants to make your life easy.

Don’t outsource your brain to technology.

It’s your job to redirect your brain’s development.

Think for yourself. Stay creative, and allow yourself that moment of solitude.

It”s in that solitude where you are free of everyone’s input and available for your own thought processes.