airplane dnd phone setting feature

Embrace the Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb Setting


You may know better but don’t do better.

You know about the airplane mode, but do you use it?

What about the Do Not Disturb option aka DND?

This option is pretty sophisticated because you can create a VIP phone list, enable repeated calls and schedule when DND enables/disables automatically.

In the past, I’ve interrupted many opportunities to connect with people.

Not purposely, but I allowed my phone to tell me I should reach for it whenever it wanted.

A huge shame, because that prevented some people to reveal more about themselves.

We were connecting until my phone told me to stop.

One day I realized how rude that actually is.

The person is important until my phone says STOP and CHECK what happened!

The idiotic thing is that the happening I was supposed to check, was merely an available update for an app or e.g. the fact that someone (insignificant) has finally posted on Twitter.

Basically updates I didn’t need to know about. (And yes, Twitter notifications are disabled for a while now!)

Now when the opportunity arises to establish and improve a connection, I take it.

DND and airplane mode became my good friends.

Are they yours?