AI virtual reality tech addiction

Why NOW is the Time to Deal With Tech Addiction


Smartphones exist since 2007…..and look at us now. Many years later and we are glued to our screens.

Sometimes we are longing for those days where we played a simple game of snake for just a few minutes, and then we were done with it.

Not with just the game, but with our phone as well, or should I write cell phone. 

The question is: have we seen everything when it comes to technology? Definitely not.

This is only the beginning.

AI becomes more intelligent and omnipresent.

What about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Can you imagine how the world will change when VR becomes mainstream?

Exactly….that’s why I believe we have seen nothing yet….

Now is the time to control our screen use and to learn to think for ourselves.

Technology is developing to help the human race, I do believe that.

But there is a danger that comes with that….don’t let those advancements control everything in your life.

Practice moderation now, since in the future this will become more challenging…